Upload Speed Increase

December 1, 2020

What is upload versus download speed?

Upload speeds are used when sending information from your device to another location on the internet. You need higher upload speeds to reduce freezing and buffering for livestreaming, video chatting and gaming.

Download speeds decide how quickly information can travel from the internet to your home. If you’re browsing the web, watching Netflix, or downloading files that information comes through a connection into your house.

Why is a faster upload speed good news for me?
Your internet experience will improve with faster upload speeds! If you use Zoom, Skype, Google Meet or other video platforms for work meetings, online classes, or doctor appointments you want a fast upload speed.

1 Gig/50Mbps  → 1 Gig/500Mbps

250M/20Mbps → 250/125Mbps

100M/5Mbps → 100/50Mbps

50M/2Mbps → 50M/25Mbps