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Liberty Communications Continues Local Investment Amidst Exponential Growth 

West Liberty, Iowa, June 26, 2023  —  Liberty Communications  Corp. may be one of Eastern Iowa’s fastest growing broadband companies, but it hasn’t lost sight of its roots.

Liberty has been serving the area for 116 years and continues to commit to ensuring Iowa is a wonderful place to work and live for generations to come. The company has announced two new network builds to bring fiber internet to residents near West Liberty, as well as plans to fully convert their DSL customers near West Branch to a 100% fiber-to-the-home network. These new projects are happening alongside other significant investments Liberty has made in Fairfield, Mt. Pleasant and Centerville following its acquisition of Natel Broadband in 2022.

“With homeschooling and remote work, fiber internet has become just as essential as electricity,” said Brandy Marquez, Marketing and Experience Manager at Liberty Communications Corp. “We aim to expand as quickly as we can to serve as many people as possible, while continuing to invest in the communities that have supported us for more than a century. As we grow, we are committed to maintaining that same great customer experience we’re known for. These projects, especially our conversion to 100% fiber, are just a few ways we’re holding true to that promise.”

The first broadband build is already underway, which will add 90 new households to Liberty’s service area, giving them access to fiber internet. Residents in a rural subdivision on and around American Legion Road, located between West Liberty and Iowa City, will be able to get fiber service from Liberty beginning late this summer.

Later this year, Liberty’s remaining projects will begin. The first will bring broadband service to an Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Grant area northwest of West Liberty, connecting approximately 27 rural households to Liberty’s fiber network. The second is a fiber-to-the-home conversion that will bring the latest broadband technology to Liberty’s remaining DSL customers near West Branch. Both projects are expected to wrap before the end of 2023, at which time all Liberty customers will be able to enjoy the speed and reliability of fiber optic technology.


10/10/2022 – Liberty Communications Acquires Natel Broadband

Liberty-Natel Press Release

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March 20 COVID-19 Update

March 20 – Email Delivery Issue Update

March 17 COVID-19 Update

March 20th – Update Regarding Email Delivery Issues and Scam Emails

Last week several Liberty Communications email subscribers received fake emails regarding email account status. The malicious emails were not sent by Liberty Communication and asked recipients to click on a link and share account information. Several users shared account username and password via the link in the email.

With recent tensions surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), there is a marked increase in scam attempts. The scam attempts are very convincing. Please use the following guidelines when you receive an email requesting account information.

Many users shared account information and their account credentials were used to send malicious email or spam.  The scope of this problem was larger than similar problems in the past. The result was that email servers were blocked by several large ISP’s (Internet Service Providers).
We responded promptly by notifying affected customers and correcting account problems and followed requirements for each large ISP to be removed from their block lists. We also made changes further controlling the amount of email messages email accounts are able to send. At this time our email servers are not listed in any public block lists and almost all email services are working normally.

We are aware and very disappointed that Gmail is still rejecting email from email servers. We have followed Google guidelines to have the block lifted. Google instructions state that the restoration process is automatic and that the block will be lifted at some point in the future. Thank you for your patience and please know that we are doing all that we can to remedy this problem.

Liberty Communications


Like you—and everyone in our nation and across the world— Liberty Communications is watching the news about COVID-19 carefully and doing what we can to respond thoughtfully and responsibly. The communities we serve are strong, and together we’ll all get through this challenging and unprecedented situation. As your trusted local provider, our priority is taking care of you as you navigate this trying time.

Our focus is on the health of our customers and our employees during this time. We want to make sure you have access to the services you need, while we protect our employees and follow the guidelines set by the state and federal government.

Here are some important things to know during this time:

  1. Our network is ready for this. Our network is robust.  We monitor it daily, currently our backbones are running at 40% of total capacity at peak usage times. We have 5 total upstream connections, 2 of the 5 would carry our peak traffic in an emergency. We’ve recently completed direct peering relationships with these large providers: Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Hurricane Electric, and Akamai. Google is in process. Direct peering means you should have very responsive connections to these providers.
  2. You can still reach us. Although our offices in West Branch and West Liberty are closed as we are following the latest recommendations regarding social distancing, we are asking that you call or visit our website to get in touch with us. Call us at (319) 627-2145 between the hours of 8am-4pm or we’re also available online at or by email at
  3. Making it easy to stay home. All bill payments can be made online or at the drop box outside of our offices. If you haven’t signed up for online bill pay, please visit get started.
  4. If your service is down, we will help fix it. We are still making repairs and upgrading service for customers. For the health and safety of you and our employees, we are not scheduling any installations that require us to go into homes and businesses. This restriction is thru March 31, 2020 giving us time to ensure we are able to use best practices with regard to everyone’s safety. Many tasks may be able to be done remotely or from the outside of your home or business. Give us a call so we discuss helping you.
  5. If you need increased bandwidth. Liberty WiFi creates a robust connection in your home. If you are experiencing a lag or interruptions in your WiFi connection due to increased demand, please reach out to us and we can assist.
  6. Our commitment to the community has not changed. We recognize that these are extraordinary times that call for all of us to respond with compassion and action. For that reason, we are purchasing gift cards from local businesses and encourage you to do that same if you are able to. This is our effort to support the communities where we all live.

Our communities, our country, and our world are resilient places. Together, we’ll see our way through this situation and be stronger because of it. Thank you for helping us all stay healthy.

Thank you,
Your friends at Liberty Communications


Liberty Communications is here to provide connections and service for our customers.

The doors of our offices will be locked to foot traffic, but we will be at work and on call, as always. We need to protect you and ourselves so that we are available to increase bandwidth, take support and service calls, and determine if we have to make a visit to drop off equipment or actually enter the premise to keep service running as you need for your business, working from home, school, or entertainment.

Even though our main office doors will be closed, we will still take calls, send out mail, collect payments and conduct business as usual. Please call for any question, service needs, or support and we will determine how to help you best.

Contact Information
West Liberty Office: 319-627-2145
West Branch Office: 319-643-5353
Tech Support: 1-866-837-3145
Repair Service: 319-627-4611 (After hours – 4:30 PM – 8:00 AM)
Fax: 319-627-2187

Also a reminder that our drop boxes are available at the front door of each office and at the West Liberty Casey’s for making payments. We will be checking drop boxes twice per day.

West Liberty Office: 413 N Calhoun St
West Branch Office: 117 N 1st St
West Liberty Casey’s: 402 W 15th St

We are here to serve and our team is ready to be there for you now and in the future.


Las puertas de nuestras oficinas estarán cerradas al tránsito peatonal, pero estaremos en el trabajo y de guardia, como siempre. Necesitamos protegerlo a usted y a nosotros mismos para que estemos disponibles para aumentar la velocidad de el internet, atender llamadas de soporte y servicio, y determinar si tenemos que hacer una visita para dejar el equipo o ingresar realmente a la premisa para mantener el servicio en funcionamiento según lo necesite para su negocio. , trabajando desde casa, la escuela o el entretenimiento.

Aunque las puertas de nuestra oficina principal estarán cerradas, seguiremos atendiendo llamadas, enviando correos, recaudando pagos y haremos los negocios como de costumbre. Llame para cualquier pregunta, necesidades de servicio o soporte y determinaremos cómo ayudarlo mejor.

Informaction de Contacto
Oficina de West Liberty:: 319-627-2145
Oficina de West Branch: 319-643-5353
Soporte tecnico: 1-866-837-3145
Servicio de reparacion: 319-627-4611 (Fuera de horas- 4:30 PM – 8:00 AM)
Correo electronico:
Fax: 319-627-2187

También un recordatorio de que nuestros buzones están disponibles en la puerta de entrada de cada oficina y en West Liberty Casey’s para realizar pagos.
Oficina de West Liberty: 413 N Calhoun St
Oficina de West Branch: 117 N 1st St
West Liberty Casey’s: 402 W 15th St

Estamos aquí para servir y nuestro equipo está listo para estar allí para usted ahora y en el futuro.