March 20 Email Delivery Issue Update

March 20, 2020

Update Regarding Email Delivery Issues and Scam Emails

Last week several Liberty Communications email subscribers received fake emails regarding email account status. The malicious emails were not sent by Liberty Communication and asked recipients to click on a link and share account information. Several users shared account username and password via the link in the email.

With recent tensions surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), there is a marked increase in scam attempts. The scam attempts are very convincing. Please use the following guidelines when you receive an email requesting account information.

  • Liberty Communications will not ask users for account information via email.
  • Liberty Communications will call customers from our published phone number if urgent account actions are required.
  • Liberty Communications technical support may ask users for account information in order to facilitate troubleshooting. This is will happen as part of a support session when you have called technical support for help.
  • Please immediately forward any malicious email to [email protected].
Many users shared account information and their account credentials were used to send malicious email or spam.  The scope of this problem was larger than similar problems in the past. The result was that email servers were blocked by several large ISP’s (Internet Service Providers).
We responded promptly by notifying affected customers and correcting account problems and followed requirements for each large ISP to be removed from their block lists. We also made changes further controlling the amount of email messages email accounts are able to send. At this time our email servers are not listed in any public block lists and almost all email services are working normally.

We are aware and very disappointed that Gmail is still rejecting email from email servers. We have followed Google guidelines to have the block lifted. Google instructions state that the restoration process is automatic and that the block will be lifted at some point in the future. Thank you for your patience and please know that we are doing all that we can to remedy this problem.

Liberty Communications