Keep watch over loved ones while away


Liberty Communications’ SmartCare solutions are designed to allow self-monitoring and automation capabilities so you can keep special watch over loved ones. You can leverage a broadband connection to lock and unlock doors, view live video or use motion sensors to sense activity or inactivity. You can even control lighting, adjust thermostats and much more.

We call it SMART because it provides affordable, easy to use management tools and the ability to remotely control devices which will redefine how you care for your family. Leading the future with smart solutions that fit your automation needs. Protecting loved ones shows you care. That’s SmartCare.

Check out this video to view the possibilities:



Having SmartCare is affordable. Using your smartphone, tablet or PC you’ll have unlimited access for as low as $15.95 per month! We also offer a discounted annual payment option. Unlike other companies who offer predefined set packages; we offer flexibility so you can customize a package perfect for watching over your loved ones. You choose what you want to automate and monitor!


Equipment can be purchased or we offer a 36 month lease-to-own program. Again, unlike other companies we are not predefining a package of equipment you must purchase. We want to customize a solution that is perfect for your home automation and monitoring goals.

We will customize a solution to meet your needs. Call 319-627-2145 to schedule a consultation today!


We love our SmartCare solutions and we think you will too. One of the things that makes this unique is that we can offer these services anywhere. In town or out of town, Iowa City or Muscatine. We no longer have to stay within our West Liberty and West Branch boundaries. All you need is an Internet connection. Of course we’d like to see you choose our Internet service, but if that’s not possible we can still offer SmartCare solutions for your family even if they live away from West Liberty and West Branch!