Skitter TV for Home

Get the RIGHT channels & features for the RIGHT price with Skitter TV

Skitter TV delivers all the best programming – including sports, lifestyle, and family channels – at a price you’ll like. Plus, create the perfect TV enjoyment experience with advanced must-have features like remote storage, DVR and pause live TV.


Which package is best for me?

Skitter TV Select Package offers a handful of national channels in addition to local over-the-air channels. This channel lineup is perfect for the light viewer who only needs the basic channels.


This channel lineup is perfect for those who want great content, but don’t want all the channels. The Prime Package contains everything in the Select Package plus over 50 additional channels. With this moderate lineup, finding a show when you’re ready to sit down and relax should not be a problem.

Prime+ (Total)

This channel lineup is great for everyone with a diverse taste in TV and will give your family plenty of options to choose from when seeking entertainment. The Total Package contains everything in the Prime and Select packages and many new channels, plus all of the music channels. Entertainment, sports, music… You’ll have it all.

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Set Top Boxes: Each set top box is capable of HD, Pause Live TV, Remote Storage, and Restart TV. Monthly equipment fee is $5.00 per set top box.

Remote Controls: Each set top box comes with a remote that can be programed to your TV.
Remote Guides
Program your ADB remote
Program your Amino remote

Installation and Activation

  • A standard installation is $99.95 and includes any combination of Internet, phone, Skitter TV (up to two TV’s), and Liberty WiFi
  • Outside of two TVs there will be a $50 charge per TV.
  • An activation fee of $25.00 applies to new installations.

Waive Installation and Activation Fees

Sign a two year agreement and we’ll waive the installation and activation fees.  If service is canceled prior to the end of the agreement, you will be charged a prorated amount of the fees waived by entering into the agreement.