Flexible Viewing

How do you want to watch?

Skitter TV has all the advanced features that allow you to watch TV the way you want and to create the perfect TV enjoyment experience.

Remote Storage

Record multiple programs simultaneously then replay them from any set-top box in your home. You can record up to 100 hours of programming to enjoy when you’re ready – even purchase additional storage time if you need it. And because your recordings are saved and backed up on the Skitter system, you never have to worry about losing your recorded programming to a hard drive failure.

Restart TV

Included in Remote Storage DVR
Have you ever turned on the TV and found a great show playing, but it started 15 minutes earlier? No problem, with Skitter’s Restart TV. Now you can go back up to three hours in the on-screen guide to start watching from the beginning of a program in progress.

Pause Live TV

With Pause Live TV, there is no need to wait for a commercial break to turn your attention away from the TV. You also won’t have to worry about missing the first few minutes of your favorite show after leaving the room for a quick moment. Simply hit the pause button and resume your show when you’re ready.

You may need additional hardware for Pause Live TV to work optimally with your set top box. Contact the office with any questions.

Watch TV Everywhere

With Skitter TV, you can take your favorite channels with you no matter where you go. Learn more about how you can Watch TV…. Everywhere.

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