Long Distance

Residential Phone service includes unlimited Nationwide Calling to the 48 Contiguous United States. The options below are long distance plans designed to meet the needs of our diverse business customers. We understand that one size does not fit all and offer many different Long Distance options. Whether you need a low per minute rate or flat rate that allows good budgeting, we’ll have a plan that works for your business. Plus you’ll have local customer service and everything on one monthly bill.

Bucket of Time

Buckets of Time - Prepay for a bucket of minutes plus overage.
Bucket plans have flat rates and an overage rate for usage above what is included in the bucket. Within the bucket, the rate is just $0.05 per minute, billed as a flat rate. Overage minutes are $0.08 per minute.

  • Bucket of Time 100 - $5.00 per month (includes 100 minutes)
  • Bucket of Time 250 - $12.50 per month (includes 250 minutes)
  • Bucket of Time 500 - $25.00 per month (includes 500 minutes)
  • Bucket of Time 1000 - $50.00 per month (includes 1000 minutes)

Just My Time

Looking for a long distance plan that is simple and affordable? Just My Time is the perfect solution. You pay only if you make calls and it's just $0.18 per minute no matter when or where you call in the United States. If you have a month with no calls, then you simply have no long distance bill for the month.

One Thin Dime

Looking for a long distance plan where you pay only for actual usage and yet still have a low per minute rate? One Thin Dime is a simple and affordable plan designed to suit businesses using 100 minutes or more per month. The monthly fee for the plan is $5.95 and then no matter where you call in the United States, no matter the time of day, you pay just $0.10 per minute.

Toll Control

Toll Control helps you control spending on long distance calls. This feature allows only callers with a personal identification number (PIN) to complete long distance calls. Long Distance calling via a calling card would still be available for others in the house or place of business. Take control and maintain your flexibility.

Toll Deny

If you need complete control over long distance expense then you need Toll Deny. With Toll Deny, no long distance calls can be made from the telephone, giving you complete control.

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