Megaband Internet eLine (Rural network)

(Outside City Limits)
With Megaband High Speed Internet you’ll enjoy fast connections and great service. Liberty Communications is proud to be able to offer high speed Internet to our entire customer base, even those who live far from town. These packages contain an emergency line service. If you choose to plug a phone in you’ll have access to 911. See the eLine tab below for details.

All packages below include unlimited data and devices!

Megaband 10M eLine

Great value and a ton of speed! A great speed for downloading music, social media and surfing the Web. It also has enough power for downloading photos and streaming video from Netflix, Amazon and all the other streaming services. Download speed is up to 10M and Upload is up to 1M.

Megaband 20M eLine

Maximize your high speed connection for online gaming, fast surfing and downloading and playing music and videos. Great for working from home and for large file transfers. This is the perfect package for multiple devices and multiple users. Download speed is set for up to 20M and Upload is up to 1M.


These Internet options are designed for those who do not use a land line phone as a primary phone. With eLine service, if you choose to plug a phone in, you’ll have access for emergencies. The line will provide access to the Central Business office, the Repair Line and 911 or 0 for emergency services. All calls made outside the 627 or 643 exchanges will be billed at $2.00 per minute. Incoming calls are unlimited.

This service does not include access to calling features, optional features, 900 numbers or optional calling plans. It also does not include a directory listing. We will be happy to list your cell number.


  • Unlimited Data & Devices
  • Service and Reliability
  • FREE technical support 24 hours a day - 1-866-837-3145
  • Local service – people you know and trust
  • Webmail – Remote access to email away from home
  • Network Performance and Management Policies

Email addresses available
Residential Accounts - 5 FREE (additional addresses are $5/month each)
Business Accounts - 15 FREE (additional addresses are $5/month for a block of 5 addresses)

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