Liberty DTV offers 170 channels of 100% digital TV and Music entertainment; providing you with countless choices. Combine great programming with advanced features such as HD, DVR and CallerID on your TV for some great value for your entertainment dollar!

Fusion or Liberty DTV

Liberty DTV offers 177 channels of 100% digital TV and Music entertainment; providing your family with countless choices. Digital TV is available both within and outside of city limits.
  • 127 Digital Channels
  • 50 Music Channels
  • Quad Cities and Cedar Rapids Network Channels
  • West Liberty and West Branch Local Channels
  • Channel Lineup

Broadcast Basic

Broadcast Basic TV offers 32 basic channels including all of the Quad Cities and Cedar Rapids local stations. This is a great value package for those just wanting basic TV service. Broadcast Basic in HD is just $39.95 per month.

Broadcast Basic Channels


Are you ready for HDTV? Stunning picture quality and digital audio will truly enhance your TV viewing. The difference can be summed up in one word - RESOLUTION! At the most basic level, HD offers more lines of detail for every image displayed. Simple and brilliant! Upgrade to HD and get 62 additional channels. HD is automatically included with Fusion DTV and Internet bundles.


DVR service allows you to record programs digitally without the need for tapes or discs. You can even pause live TV so there’s no need to miss a favorite program or the game winning play! With a DVR box, you'll be able to record and watch programs on 1 TV in the home.


The cost for a DTV installation is dependent on the number of TVs. Standard installation covers 2 TVs and is $99.50. Installation for additional TVs is $50 for each TV.

Waive Installation Costs
Sign a two year agreement for DTV service and we’ll waive the installation fees! If service is canceled prior to the end of the agreement customer will be charged a prorated amount waived by entering into the agreement.


Whole Home DVR (WHDVR) service allows you to record your favorite programs and access them from any TV in the home so you'll have multi- room viewing and recording. Now every TV in your home can share one DVR box. You can even start watching in one room and finish watching in a different room. With WHDVR you'll be able to record and watch programs on multiple TVs in the home.

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