Megaband 20M Bundle

Bundle Residential Phone, Internet, TV and Save!

The 20M Bundle is new and may not be available in all rural areas. It includes residential phone service, up to 20M Internet service and our Liberty DTV service. Call for availability.

Subscribe to Residential Phone, Internet and Digital TV and save $120 every year! You'll get a $10 discount off your bill every month as long as you subscribe to all three services. This is not a short term promotion and it's not just restricted to "new" customers. We appreciate all of our loyal customers.

Rural Phone

Includes FREE incoming calls and Unlimited Nationwide Calling to the 48 Contiguous United States. CallerID, Call Waiting, Call Waiting ID, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling and Speed Dial are all included FREE.

Digital TV

This bundle includes 179 channels of 100% digital TV and Music entertainment, providing your family with countless choices. Add DVR service so you can record your favorite programs or even pause and rewind live TV. This package includes boxes for two TVs. Additional digital boxes are available for $5 per box per month.

  • 129 Digital Channels
  • 50 Music Channels
  • Quad Cities and Cedar Rapids Network Channels
  • West Liberty and West Branch Local Channels
  • Channel Lineup

Megaband 20M

Great value and a ton of speed! Good for downloading music, movies and fast online gaming. Great for working from home and for large file transfers. Download speed is set for up to 20M and Upload is up to 1M. You’ll be amazed how fast photos upload to Shutterfly, and how quickly websites load. This package may not be available in all locations. This package includes unlimited data and devices!

Price It

$29.45      Residential Phone
$96.95      Digital TV
$69.95      20M Internet
$196.35    Subtotal
($10.00)    Bundle Discount
$186.35    Before Taxes and Fees

Additional Options

There are some additional options you can add to your bundle to truly enhance your entertainment services.
  • HD Channels (63) - $10.00
  • DVR - $5.95
  • WHDVR - $11.95
  • HBO - $18.95
  • Cinemax - $15.95
  • Showtime - $14.95
  • Starz/Encore - $11.95
  • HBO/Cinemax - $31.95
  • Supreme Package (all 4 premiums) - $57.95

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